International Students

Become part of our momentum! Experience campus life at Temple University this summer and learn about our amazing faculty and students. When you fall in love with the University, consider coming to Temple to complete your academic degree!

International students are invited to explore all of Temple’s summer programs. The Intensive English Language Program additionaly offers International Students special programs during the summer months.

  • American Culture at Temple University (four weeks): Enroll in this exciting, 3 or 4-week program to improve your English and learn about the American culture. Spend the mornings building your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In the afternoons, take trips to explore historic and cultural sites in Philadelphia and its surrounding region.


  • EducationUSA Academy at Temple University Temple University, in partnership with EducationUSA, is proud to offer this fun-filled program to international high school students, ages 15 to 17-years-old. Learn about American college expectations, visit area college campuses, sit in on Temple University classes in majors that may include business, computer science, medicine, the arts and more.


  • Super-Intensive English Program (four weeks): If you want to improve your English in an immersion environment and only have a short time to devote to language study, this super-intensive program is a great fit. Students will improve their English reading, writing, listening and speaking in stimulating and challenging courses. It is open to all students who have completed high school.


  • Advanced Academic English for Graduate Students (four weeks): This four-week course will help you succeed in advanced academic courses and function well in English. It will help you fine-tune your writing skills, receive intensive training on pronunciation and presentations, and bridge the gap between everyday English and the academic English you will need for success in your area of study. 


When not in class, students can take advantage of the historical and cultural sites of Philadelphia and its proximity to other great cities along the east coast. Visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Take a short trip to Times Square and see a Broadway show in New York City; see the monuments and museums of Washington, DC; or the historical attractions of Boston – they are all just a short train ride away.

If you prefer nature: visit one of the many nearby National Parks or spend the day on the beach at the Jersey Shore!

Join the Temple University community and explore everything the region has to offer!